New Year’s is a fresh start. An optimistic time to create an amazing year. Many of us decide to make our lifestyles more healthy and happy, but accomplishing these goals can be difficult. It’s not too late to start a resolution or to continue working on the one you already started. Here are some helpful tips to guide your resolutions and to fulfill your goals.

1. Stay Motivated

One of the best ways to stay motivated to meet your resolution goals is to reward yourself. Rewards help you to move forward because you feel better about your progress and it makes your success more likely. Rewards should be something that doesn’t contradict your resolution. If you are trying to eat healthier, go shopping with a friend for some new clothes.

2. Stay Positive

Having a positive mindset when starting a new challenge is a necessity. In order to accomplish your new year goals you must keep a positive attitude. Negative thoughts will only make your resolution  harder to accomplish and may even lead you to quit early. Positive thinking propels you forward and keeps you motivated to see your resolution through.

3. Be Realistic

Choose resolutions that make sense for you. Don’t try to accomplish too many resolutions. Pick 1-2 resolutions that you want to accomplish. Concentrating on only a few resolutions helps to focus your efforts so you can meet your goals.

4. Be Accountable/ Track Your Progress

Whether you are trying to eat healthier, go to the gym, or save money… be accountable. Keep track of your progress. Write down your accomplishments everyday. Logging what you do each day will help you to visualize your progress and will provide additional motivation for you, and inspire you to pursue your goals.

5. Have Fun

The New Year is a time for fun so your resolutions should be just as fun. Resolutions do not have to be a dreary negative thing that you need to overcome, look at it as something positive that you want to do for you. Resolutions are often more fun with a buddy or friend. Choose someone that has the same aspirations as you, someone you have fun with. Working on a resolution with a buddy helps to motivate both of you and provides a fun competitive atmosphere, it will help keep you accountable and make you more likely to reach your goals.

Hopefully these tips will help you to stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year from the Hotel of the Arts Days Inn & Suites!

(Remember even if you are on vacation you can still stay on track with your resolution. The Hotel of the Arts has an amazing 24/7 workout facility to keep you on track and healthy during your stay with us.)


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